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Repair & Maintenance
  • Tower Plumb & Tension up to 2000'

  • Tower Modifications: Stuctural Modifications, Anchor Replacements and Guy Wire Replacements

  • Tower Painting up to 2000'

  • Tower Elevator Repair and Maintenance 

  • Tower Lighting System Maintenance & Repair (All Makes & Models, Incandescent to High-Intensity Strobes)

  • TIA Tower Instpections (2-Week turnaround from tower climb to submitted report)

  • TIA Tower Mapping

  • TV Antenna Repair (All Makes & Models)

  • FM Antenna Repair (All Makes & Models)

  • Coax and Waveguide Repair (All sizes, Makes and Models)

  • Microwave Dish Repair & Allignment

  • Tower Demolition and Site Removal 

  • Ice Shield and Ice Bridge Intallation

  • High and Low Frequency Vibration Dampener Replacement & Repair

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