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The NTC Difference

SAFETY: NTC has a flawless safety record with no loss time accidents or insurance claims since inception in 2011. Team members are awarded for going one year without a safety violation. 

QUALITY: We believe quality, behind safety, is our best attribute. The best measure of quality is a companies callback rate to make repairs to their work or to complete work that was not finished the first time. Many companies pay bonuses based on how quickly they can complete a job. This hurry type attitude, along with inexperience, leads to not only a high callback rate but unsafe work conditions. NTC’s call back rate is less than 1% and we pay our team members bonuses based on quality not how quick they can complete a job. NTC strongly believes in leaving all tower sites better than we found them.  

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: NTC places a high emphasis on detailed work. It is very important for us to get it right the first time. This allows us to minimize downtime cost to our customers along with additional expenses to our company. NTC is active in recruiting National Guard members and military veterans as they are proven to perform with precision and focus in the most extreme situations.

COMMUNICATION: We understand how valuable our customer’s time is and strive to offer excellent communication to our customers. Working at heights up to 2,000’ in the upper Midwest weather can make it very difficult to execute a schedule, but we make every effort to keep our customers informed and up-to-date with any timeline changes. If needed, we do our very best to communicate when and what changes are going to be made. NTC does not show up at a tower site unannounced leaving you scrambling to change your schedule to match ours.

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